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Eating Whole Grains Decreases Colorectal Cancer Risk, Processed Meats Increase Risk: Report


A decent serving of whole grains in your daily diet has always been known to lower the risk of acute illnesses, increase metabolism and improve your cardio health.

A new study has found another exciting benefit of eating whole grains. The study found that eating about three servings (90 grams) of whole grains a day decreased the risk of colorectal cancer by 17%.

In fact the research shows that the more you eat, the lower the risk becomes.

On the flip side, the study identified processed meats such as hot dogs and bacon as foods to avoid as they increase the risk of colorectal cancer. In addition, eating high amounts of red meat like beef or pork, being overweight or obese and consuming two or more alcoholic drinks daily were all found to increase one’s chances of developing the cancer.

The Canadian Cancer Society also lists a low-fibre diet, sedentary behaviour, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, tall adult height and exposure to ionizing radiation as other possible risk factors.
Other strong positive dietary links visible were between:

–Fruits .. and,

An increased intake of these foods has been seen to decrease chances of colorectal cancer.

Exercise was also a clear winner in this study which details that exercise helps in reducing the risk of colon cancer. What is clear from the 29 million people researched, is that diet and lifestyle have a major role in colorectal cancer.

Researchers found that those who exercised more, ate a healthy diet and did not smoke were less likely to have a history of the cancer or colon polyps (an inherited condition usually caused by a mutation of the APC gene, the Canadian Cancer Society outlines).

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