The Ultimate Detox Salad


If you could eat your way to cancer prevention, would you do it?

Seems like a no-brainer, right? The catch, though, is that you’d have to eat a bit healthier for the whole thing to work.

Still with us? Good, because when we say “healthy” we don’t mean bland and unappetizing.

You see, there are super easy ways to make healthy dishes—like the one we’re featuring today—so flavorful, you’d start actively seeking them out. But before we get to that, let’s first answer one question: why bother?

Well, when you eat healthy, you equip your body with the nutrients and energy it needs to not only function at 100%, but, more importantly, become more efficient at flushing out toxins that cause all sorts of life-threatening diseases—including the big C.

Sound like a pretty good reason, right?

This is where our Ultimate Detox Salad comes in. As you may have probably guessed from its name, this dish is specifically meant to help you get more of the toxins in your body out—all while treating your palate to a unique blend of irresistibly fresh flavors packed with nutrients and tons of fiber.

Discover just how good healthy food could taste! Click the link below for the full recipe!