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The truth about men, meat and cancer


How much meat do you eat in a week?

Whatever the amount that popped into your head, it’s probably too much. Studies show that up to 98% of Australian men are consuming more red and processed meat than they should.

But why does this matter in the first place?

Well, it matters because as much as 2.8% of all cancer cases in Aussie men are a direct result of eating too much red and processed meat.

That’s right. Eating your favorite smoked meats, ham sandwiches and pizzas is putting you at a greater risk of developing the dreaded big C.

So, what do you do? Do you just avoid your favorite meaty treats altogether? Sure, you could do that—but you don’t really have to.

Ever heard of the old adage “everything in moderation”? That’s actually the key here. You see, unless you have a medical condition that’s aggravated by certain types of food, you can eat pretty much whatever you want. Just be sure to keep your consumption of unhealthy stuff at a minimum.

But how exactly do you know how much is too much red and processed meat in this case?

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