FruithealthStep 1- Starve Cancer Cells

Get the Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy in a Safe Way, and Without Paying $30,000


Stem cell therapy holds the promise of curing many diseases and repairing injuries.

Imagine you could go to a hardware store and buy just one kind of material, and it would become whatever component of your house you needed.

No more worrying about the right model or part number. Bricks, lumber, bathroom faucets, window sealing – just buy the one material, stick it where it’s needed, and it will automatically transform into the grout between your bathroom tiles, a new filter for your furnace or a backyard patio.


That’s what stem cells do for your body. They can transform themselves into whatever you need: new muscle cells, new blood cells or new brain cells.

They automatically repair what’s damaged. Stem cells are responsible for the ability of your adult body to self-heal.

Medical Practice Has Not Yet Caught Up With the Promise

However, that hasn’t stopped many companies around the world from claiming they can use stem cells to cure everything that ails you.


You may have seen the news about the Food and Drug Administration closing down US Stem Cell’s treatments using stem cells collected from their patients’ own fat tissue. Clinics also inject stem cells derived from your bone marrow or placenta.

And these therapies, whether they work or not, are expensive. One well-known Internet fitness guru paid $30,000 for full treatment (from a different clinic).


Shouldn’t the FDA be Promoting Stem Cell Therapies?

As of 2019, the only stem cell therapy approved by the FDA is using cells from your own bone marrow or cord to treat blood or bone cancers.

If you receive any other stem cell therapy, you’ll not only pay out the nose (because it won’t be covered by insurance or Medicare), you’ll be taking a big risk.

Although part of me distrusts the FDA, and dislikes following their lead, I have to admit their caution must be justified.


After all, we’re not talking about vitamin supplements, the Gerson cancer therapy or any other “alternative” that undermines the modern medical industry.

Collecting stem cells from your fat tissue or bone marrow and then re-injecting it is a highly invasive procedure. It’s not a do-it-yourself treatment. You need trained medical professionals and facilities.

If these procedures worked, wouldn’t Big Medicine be jumping all over them? Wouldn’t your local hospitals and clinics love to offer such popular treatments?

Wouldn’t insurance companies prefer to pay for them instead of more expensive, never-ending treatments?

Everybody who pays disability checks, from the Social Security Administration to private health carriers, would love to trim their rolls by having their recipients cured by stem cells.


 The FDA approves many expensive and risky procedures. If they’re scared of stem cell therapies at their current stage of development, perhaps we should be scared too.

The Mayo Clinic, among other famous medical researchers, are working on stem cell treatments. Someday, they’ll be routine.

But until then . . .


You Can Boost Your Own Stem Cells Using All-Natural Methods

You do already have your own stem cells. A lot of the early controversy revolved around the potential use of embryonic stem cells to cure or repair patients. However, Shinya Yamanaka discovered how to make skin cells revert back into stem cells, creating induced pluripotent stem cells. They are NOT potential babies, but they are useful for repairing your body.

Like everything else that’s good, your supply of stem cells does go down as you age. However, you do have them. You have a constant supply of them waiting around to be called into action.

It’s how you continue to repair damaged tissues.

The key is to strengthen and multiply these stem cells. They won’t repair your spinal cord if you’re in an accident like Christopher Reeve, but they can help maintain your good health.

They do that by replacing old cells with new, functioning cells.

The Most Effective Way to Jack Up Your Own Supply of Stem Cells is Prolonged Fasting


According to Dr. Valter Longo of the University of Southern California, you don’t get the stem cell regeneration effect of fasting until about the fourth or fifth day.

It takes extended fasting to shut down the PKA gene to help spread new stem cells.

Nutrients That Have Increased Stem Cells in Mice Studies

There’s no guarantee for people, but these methods are certainly healthy in many ways:


  1. Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries


  1. Carnosine – This is an antioxidant composed of the two amino acids, alanine, and histadine. Carnitine itself is available only in animal foods. However, alanine and histadine are widely available in many fruits and vegetables, and your body easily combines them to make carnitine.


  1. Green tea


  1. Spirulina – this is a blue-green algae you can add to a smoothie.


  1. Pomegranates


  1. Goji berries – I wouldn’t trust the juice alone, however. And I doubt fresh Goji berries are available in America. Maybe your area has them.


  1. Exercise – yet one more reason to work out. Exercise influences stem cells to become bone cells instead of fat cells. As bone cells, the strength your ekeleton and help make more blood. If you let them transform into fat cells instead, you become fatter.


  1. Sleep – getting 7-8 hours every night is essential for promoting optimal stem cell health.


Someday, I’m sure, conventional hospitals and clinics will offer full stem cell regenerative medicine services.

However, as with all things medicinal, prevention will still be worth a pound of cure. Eat some of those healthy foods, exercise regularly and get a full night’s sleep so you won’t need some medical technician drilling into your posterior or your bones to extract stem cells.