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You Can’t Begin a Long, Healthy Life Too Early


Put time on your side.

Now – before it’s too late.

Even if you’re still quite young, the process of chronic disease creation and aging has ALREADY started inside your body.

Every morning you wake up is one more day you’re past your date of birth.

You can’t stop the Earth from rotating around the sun.

But you can slow down, stop or actually reverse the aging process.

If you begin early enough.

The earlier you begin, the longer you’ll likely live – and with the good health that makes life fun.


Many experts say the age-related decline is inevitable. It happens just we’re all riding this big rock around a yellow star while it revolves every 24 hours.

Obviously, none of us can control the passage of time.

Though You Do Control Your Lifestyle Choices and Behaviors

I choose to believe the aging process is just the accumulation of the daily damage we do to ourselves with unhealthy lifestyle choices and behaviors.

Staying on this planet for as long as – and as healthy as – possible is the ultimate goal.

But you can – and must – change your lifestyle.


Chronic Diseases Begin Early in Life

Although medical science has not “conquered” infectious diseases as completely as we thought five years ago, everybody living in the developed world is far more likely to die from one of the Top Five chronic diseases:

1. Heart disease

2. Cancer

3. Stroke

4. Diabetes

5. Alzheimer’s


Thanks to research, we now understand all these diseases have their roots in the same metabolic dysfunctions:

* Inflammation

* Insulin resistance

These chronic diseases could all be classified as variations on the same disease.


Of course, modern medicine isn’t organized that way. There’re heart specialists and oncologists and doctors who focus on Alzheimer’s.

But there’re NO doctors specializing in reducing chronic inflammation.

Certainly, you don’t want a brain surgeon performing a quadruple bypass on you.

However, if we began hearing about the long-term dangers of inflammation and metabolic problems as soon as we became aduts, there’d be a lot fewer quadruple bypass operations needed.


Prevention of Heart Disease Requires Decades of Effort

You can delay the onset of heart disease for years or decades.

Despite all the medical advances of the past 150 years since the discovery of bacteria, the field of medicine is still organied around treating emergencies.

Heart disease takes DECADES to develop.

But you often don’t feel any symptoms until it’s highly advanced. For many, the first symptom is death.

If you’re an American over the age of 10, somewhere in your arteries, you have fatty streaks – the beginning of artherosclerosis.

You don’t feel it now, but just wait a few more decades.

If you’ll eventually die from a heart attack – statistically, that’s many readers of this article – because your coronary arteries are blocked . . .


It’s NOT fate.

It’s the accumulation of cholesterol and saturated fat, combined with little to no exercise combined with lack of deep sleep . . .

Day after day after day.

Many Cancers Require Years of Growth Before They’re Detectable

Possibly decades of development, similar to heart problems.

Diabetes . . . stroke . . . Alzheimer’s Disease — all illnesses of chronic, daily damage that accumulates over time.

Yet . . . doctors typically wait until your condition is practically an emergency before they treat  – or even diagnose – you.

Cancer specialists stress the importance of early detection, but, by the time it’s at all detectable, you’ve probably had it for years.


In the near future, newer blood tests to detect cancer may find it much earlier than current tools, but prevention is still best.

You don’t jump from weighing 150 pounds to 300 pounds overnight.

Your blood sugar according doesn’t jump from a 4.5 HbA1c score to 8.9 in a week.

You “catch” chronic diseases by mistreating your body day after day:

* Eating highly processed foods high in saturated fat and sugar

* Rarely exercising

* Sleeping less than 7-9 hours per night

* Allow problems to stress you out

* Punishing your lungs and heart with tobacco smoke

* Leeching healthy vitamins and minerals from your body with alcohol – damaging your liver


All Cancers Starts Out as Just One Cell Refusing to Stop Growing

At this stage, your immune system generally detects the rogue cancer cell and kills it.

Of course, that depends on you having an immune system that still functions effectively. Bad health habits weaken your immune system too.

If the cancer cells escape detection and destruction by your immune system, it starts to divide.

One cell becomes two, two become four, and so on.

Once this early tumor reaches the size of a pinhead, however, it needs its own access to blood. Therefore, it sends signals to your body to grow more capillaries to feed the tiny tumor with blood, giving it such growth factors as IGF, insulin and glucose.

This process of growing new blood vessels is called “angiogenesis.”

The phytochemicals in most plant foods are anti-angiogenic. That is, they slow down or even stop your body from creating new capillaries to feed the tumor.

Because it’s so difficult to detect cancer while it’s still at this stage – it’s like looking for a pinhead – who really knows how many such tumors we have at any given period of time?


The best way to “prevent” cancer is to assume you have or – sooner or later – will have such tiny tumors, so you wish to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, seeds, whole grains and nuts to fill your blood with anti-angiogenetic.

Your goal is to increase what’s known as cancer’s “time to double.”

The faster a tumor doubles, the sooner it manifests as a health problem.

By feeding yourself lots of phytonutrients, you can slow that time to double down by years – living longer and much healthier.

With luck, it’ll remain “asymptomatic” until you die of something else.

Autopsies of men over age 70 who died for some other reason found prostate cancer in 59%.

Autopsies of older women who died for some other reason found close to 10% of those women had breast cancer.


Scare Yourself Just Enough

Zero symptoms even at a young age don’t mean you’re 100% free of chronic diseases.

They just haven’t yet gotten bad enough for you to feel sick or old.

The best time to switch to a healthy lifestyle is now.

Don’t wait for a doctor to give you the bad news first.