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Hearty Asparagus Soup With Crispy Bacon Recipe


A favorite children’s song exclaims, “Its Autumn time, its Autumn time, the leaves are falling down! Its Autumn time, its Autumn time, bright colors can be found!”

Thats right! Its Autumn time. When the rest of the unhealthy world that we live in fires up the over to cook desserts, us… the healthy world 🙂 fires up the store to make some warm healthy soup for these beautiful Fall days.

This is a wonderful, warm, and healthful recipe that is also apart of the Ketogenic Diet!

And you’ve heard about the major benefits of Asparagus. Things like:

  • Major help in weight loss
  • Is a preventer of UTIs
  • Some says that it can boost estrogen in women and tester one in men!
  • Even helps to improve mood

All this from one meal? Sign us up.

There are so many other things that asparagus can do for you. To get the link and learn more about it, please enter your email in the form below.
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