Sunday, November 18, 2018
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6 Super Grains that are Packed with Nutrients And Cancer Preventing Fiber


The main foods consumed within countries with the lowest cancer rates usually consists of a large amount of whole grains and beans packed with fibre.  Usually the whole grain is a quality whole grain rice, but there are a variety of grains you may not know about that are packed with nutrition and health benefits.

Some of the health benefits of the top whole grains include:

  • Anticancer and anti-inflammation attributes
  • Fibre that helps feed good gut flora to support a strong immune system
  • Major cholesterol lowering capabilities
  • As much as 26 grams of muscle building protein per cup
  • Support for a healthy heart
  • Help with healthy digestion
  • Support for those with diabetes
  • As much as 25%-35% more vitamins per serving than modern wheat
  • More amino acids, lipids and proteins than modern wheat
  • Essential minerals that support a robust metabolism

These grains have a variety of tastes, everything from gentle to earthy.  You can have fun experiencing all the different fulfilling flavors wether made into zucchini bread, mixed into healthy soups and salads for a balanced meal, or one even popped like popcorn for a quick, healthy snack.

Broaden your horizons by satisfying your palate with more nutrients by trying some of the top 7 healthful super grains.  Find out what these grains are by clicking the link below:

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