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The Liver King . . . BUSTED!


Scandal rocked the health and fitness food sectors of social media a few weeks ago.

Leaked emails from the King’s prior bodybuilding coach have exposed the Liver King as a fraud on steroids.

Anabolic steroids, testosterone, human growth hormone, synthetic insulin-like growth factor, and who knows what else. With an estimated cost of $12,000 a month.

The emails were reported by the YouTube channel More Plates More Dates and ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE.


The Liver King is a prominent guru in the fitness/muscle-building niche who claims he’s gotten his incredibly ripped, huge muscles from eating liver.

Raw liver.

One pound every day.

And he devours testicles on top of the liver. (Or maybe as an appetizer, who knows?)

He does have impressive biceps and abs.


They’re the kind of muscles many young men want to have themselves – to enjoy the feeling of being big and strong.

I can’t criticize them too harshly. Young men should exercise and build their muscles – and today, too many young men are satisfied with the couch potato lifestyle.

The Liver King’s audience consists of young men who want ripped muscles without the senseless health risk posed by anabolic steroids.

So his market is smarter than the young guys who’d rather take the steroids than eat the raw liver.


Unfortunately, until now, the Liver King’s followers naively believed they could achieve the same results by eating raw liver like he claims to, swallowing the raw animal food supplements he sells – without, that is, taking steroids.

That’s what he makes them believe.

He also makes many other scientifically-unproven health claims for raw liver, including how it will improve your mood, your memory, and your drive.

He claims to make $100 million a year from selling his supplements. I hope that’s as big a lie as his denial of using steroids, but, unfortunately, I’m sure his business profits exceed what the average hardworking American makes.

They have to, just to pay for his own hormone stack.


The Basic Scam

1. Liver King builds his own muscles by taking large quantities of anabolic steroids (and, to be fair, working out with weights).

2. On social media, Liver King shows off his large muscles, making his market jealous.

3. He claims he grew his muscles by working out and eating a pound of raw liver daily. While denying his use of steroids.

4. His audience sees his incredible results, and erroneously believes they can duplicate them by buying his supplements, which are mainly dried animal organs.

5. Liver King makes beaucoup bucks off supplement sales.

He’s taking on the health risk of anabolic steroids, but – probably, like so many professional and even amateur athletes – feels the reward is worth the risk.


Dangers of Steroid Use

Many people – including ambitious young athletes desperate to grow more muscle – seem to believe they’re illegal just to make sports “fair.”

Wrong. They’re illegal to protect the health of the athletes.


The list of steroid side effects is long and includes:

* High blood pressure

* Heart attacks

* Strokes

* Tumors

* Tendon injuries

And, of course, we can’t leave out the well-known uncontrollable temper and violence caused by “‘roid rage.”

Anything that promotes excess growth increases your risk of cancer, and steroid use promotes tumors in your liver and kidneys.

The longer you use them, the more dangerous they are – but they’ve killed even high school athletes.


For a young male athlete who wants to look and feel more “manly,” I must point out steroids are especially crazy. They:

* Reduce the size of testicles

* Cause erectile dysfunction

* Cause testicular cancer

* Reduce quantities of sperm

Does that sound like enhanced masculinity to you?


Raw Meat is Especially Unhealthy too

It contains such harmful bacteria as Salmonella, Listeria, Clostridium perfringens, Campylobacter, and E. coli.

Beef can contain Toxoplasmosis gondii, a protozoal parasite from cats. 

And we can’t leave out trichinosis from Trichinella roundworms, usually from pork.

You can get tapeworms from both beef and pork.

That’s why all competent health authorities warn you against eating raw or undercooked animal foods.

When you get right down to it, there’s a good reason our ancestors figured out how to cook.

If they had kept on eating whatever raw meat they could scavenge, our dinners might still depend on fighting with hyenas and vultures for our share of a lion’s leftover zebra.


Liver Contains High Amounts of Preformed Vitamin A

We need Vitamin A, but too much is toxic.

Too much Vitamin A, from supplements and/or liver, can cause:

* Liver damage/cirrhosis

* Nausea

* Bone thinning

* Birth defects

* Diarrhea

* Pain in bones and joints

Heavy Metals, Pollutants, and Other Toxins Accumulate in Livers


One of the most important jobs of the liver – in animals as well as people – is to detoxify the body.

Therefore, PCBs and other environmental problems accumulate in the liver.

When you eat an animal’s liver, you’re taking in concentrated amounts of poisons their liver removed from the rest of their flesh.

So those toxic substances wind up endangering YOUR health.


The Biggest Health Risk:

Fake gurus.

People have always fallen for fake healers. What’s especially depressing is that, while this made a lot of sense before science learned so much about diseases and how to cure them, many people stubbornly ignore science and flock to gurus – and hand their hard-earned money to such scammers as the Liver King.

Many people would rather cling to false hope than reality.

When it comes to building muscle, you can get larger and stronger through lifting weights and other exercises – but you do have a genetic limit. 

Almost nobody can “naturally” compete with steroid-grown muscles – and eating raw liver doesn’t help.


But who wants to hear that?

Follow the Science

In one video clip I saw of the Liver King, he denied knowing what his blood cholesterol was. He doesn’t get his blood tested. He told the interviewer, “I don’t believe in that <bleep>.”


A fitness guru who doesn’t believe in blood tests?

That right there should have warned everybody he was either a fraud or a total idiot.

If I were a betting man, I’d say the Liver King gets regular blood tests, if only to monitor the effect of those steroids, and knows quite well what his cholesterol levels are.

For all we know, when he’s away from the video camera, he eats more salads than raw livers.


Sadly, even though his claims for a diet of raw liver have been debunked, many of his followers will keep sending him money.

And, even more sadly, to the extent they actually take his advice and eats lots of raw liver, they may become sicker than the average couch potato.