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All plants come with indigestible components. It sort of shapes the plant and forms its internal structure.

That sounds complicated. Fiber is just the roughage in plant foods.

Many studies verify fiber effectively helps reduce cancer. 1, 2

For every 20 grams of fiber consumed, breast cancer risk goes down 20%:3

In the Detox book, I explained how the liver chemically modifies toxins, then mixes them with bile and excretes it all into the colon.

If the colon is almost empty, the colon walls re-absorb the toxins back into our body. So all our liver’s efforts will be wasted, and we will still have toxins inside us.

If our colon is full of fiber, we have at least one bowel movement every day, the fiber gathers in the bile and toxins like a sponge, and they go out when we go.

Fiber also binds to toxins in our bowels such as heavy metals and estrogens, speeding them out of our body.

Therefore, fiber helps detoxify our body and our bowels. Because having toxins sitting inside our bowels for a long time appears to encourage our bowel cells to go cancerous.

Yet, 97% of Americans do not eat the minimum daily requirement for fiber.4

That in itself may help to explain why rates of cancer in the United States keep rising higher.

The recommended amount of fiber for women under age 50 is 25 grams per day. For men, it’s 38.

For women over age 50, it’s 21. For men over 50, it’s 30.

That’s according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

We get fiber from only one source: whole plant foods.

Many processed foods come from plants, but almost all the fiber is refined out of them.

Animals foods don’t contain fiber.

There are two basic kinds of fiber:

Soluble fiber

This dissolves in water. We get it from berries, nuts, beans and oats. It nourishes our beneficial bacteria in our colon.

Insoluble fiber

This doesn’t dissolve in water. We get it from whole grains. It detoxifies toxins in our intestines. And it keeps hostile bacteria and parasites from growing on the walls of our intestines.

Both kinds are important and healthy.

Some foods contain both.

We can buy fiber supplements, but why? Let’s save our money to buy a whole plant foods, so we get fiber and all the other nutrients in those foods.

There is one exception, for people who do have cancer, and that’s Modified Citrus Pectin – PectaSol.

This supplement is water soluble fiber from citrus fruits. It has had its long, branched chains of polysaccharides cut into shorter, unbranched lengths.

PectaSol is useful for current cancer patients to take because it reduces the risk of cancer spreading, metastasis.5

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