Functional medicine is about addressing the root causes of disease that are the reason for the disease in the first place.  If a doctor kills the cancer cells but doesn’t reverse the reason the cancer came to be in the first place then how successful do you think he or she will be?

Marcus Freudenmann has a great deal of information on this at his website  He promotes three types of therapies that get at the majority of root causes with free trainings below:

To Learn About Ozone Therapy and How to Do It Yourself Go Here

To Learn About PEMF and How to Do it Yourself Go Here

To Learn About Hyperthermia and How to Do it Yourself Go Here

Although these are powerful therapies, you may have a root cause that isn’t addressed by these methodologies.  To know for sure, find out more about yourself by getting a full cause evaluation here-

I am a big fan of Marcus and am an advocate and an affiliate for his resources and products.