Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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Menu Plan for Sugar Detox To Delete Unhealthy Cravings


Cutting sugar out of your diet is not an easy thing, but everybody should know that sugar can have detrimental effects on health including increased risk of cancer, weight gain, wrinkles and loss of energy or just energy crashes caused by indulging in sweet things like cakes or low-fat yogurt.

Studies have shown that excessive sugar in your diet compromises your immune system and can deplete the body of the minerals and other nutrients which can allow cancer to grow unchecked. Sugar also raises the risk of developing diabetes.

Here are more reasons why you need to avoid sugar at all cost:

  • It raises the risk of cardiovascular problems
  • It doesn’t have any nutritional value
  • It consumes your energy
  • Could cause premature aging
  • It might cause eczema
  • It can lead to arthritis
  • It can weaken your vision
  • It causes adrenal fatigue
  • Could lead to gallstones
  • Increases serotonin levels

By following a healthy meal plan for seven consecutive days, you can begin to change your diet and replace that craving for a sugary beverage first thing each morning. A beautiful combination of baked eggs, cheese and spinach for breakfast will start you off on your first day of the sugar detox and you’ll soon notice the effects of a healthier diet on your general health and overall energy levels.

The detailed meal plan can be accessed for free by clicking the link below where you can read the full article on the meal plan:

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